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॥ संस्कृतकोशान्वेषणम् ॥
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Tips for getting good results:
  • Make sure to remove विभक्तिप्रत्ययाः before searching. For example, instead of searching for "रामस्य", search for "राम".  Similarly, instead of searching for "पठति", search for "पठ्".
  • In order to get all possible results, try out the प्रातिपदिकम् as well as the प्रथमैकवचनम् form. For example, try both - "हनुमत्" as well as "हनुमान्".
  • When searching for words with अनुस्वार, try the परसवर्ण-version as well. For example, search for both "संख्या" as well as "सङ्ख्या".
  • Sometimes, searching with forms having optional द्वित्वम् can also help. For example, "वार्तिक" and "वार्त्तिक".
  • While trying out English queries, use singular forms. For example, instead of 'gods', search 'god'.
  • Do no prefix the English verbs with "to". For example, search for "eat" instead of "to eat". Similarly, avoid tense-specific suffixes like "ed", "ing", "en" etc.
Kindly note:   Please use your best judgement while interepreting the results as the data in the koshas might contain digitization errors.
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Credits: The data for Abhyankar dictionary and Amarakosha has been pulled from the indic-dict github project. The data for all other koshas is provided by Cologne Digital Sanskrit Dictionaries, Cologne University.
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