An online course to teach the भाषापाकः-3 book.
Important details for the भाषापाकः-3 course
1. Course duration : Apr 2022 to Oct 2022
2. Timings : Wednesdays 6:30 AM to 7:30 AM IST
3. Other instructions:
i) This course is aimed at students who are interested in studying the भाषापाकः-3 book of Samskrita Bharati. Appropriate familiarity with Sanskrit grammar is expected before joining the course.
ii) In order to best utilize this course, the students need to purchase the भाषापाकः-3 book from Samskrita Bharati. You can contact your local Samskrita Bharati coordinators for purchasing the book. It is not legal to have a soft copy of the book and we do not have any such copies.
iii) The course will cover all the concepts from the book along with some relevant additional material. However, the actual passages from the book will NOT be read in the class. The students are expected to read these passages on their own. If the students have any particular questions about any specific passages, then we can take them up upon individual request.
iv) The medium of instructions will be mostly Sanskrit, mixed with some amount of English. Ability to understand spoken Sanskrit is essential for attending this course.
v) All the classes will be recorded and the recordings will be available on this page (see the 'Recorded sessions' tab). The recordings are open to all.
vi) There are no charges for this course.
The live admissions to this course are closed now. The recordings will be available in the "Recorded Sessions" tab and are accessible to everyone.