Select a word using the dropdown in the left menu bar to get the list of all the sutras containing that word.
Note that this interface searches for the word only in the sutras, not in the commentaries. To search for a word in Ashtadhyayi commentaries, use the Search Commentary interface instead.
Fine print: This interface can only do a verbatim match, and cannot interpret vibhakti forms, alternative forms, or sandhis. It does not even understand the semantics. For instance, searching for "अच्" will not return results matching "अचः", "अचि" etc, and it won't be able to distinguish between अच्-प्रत्यय and अच्-प्रत्याहार. Hence, please try various alterations of a word to get all the associated sutras and make sure to filter the results based on the context.
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